Amara Premier Palace Transfers Beldibi Antalya Airport €3,4

Amara Premier Palace Transfers Beldibi Antalya Airport €3,4

Beldibi Amara Premier Palace Transfers

Beldibi is 35 kilometers away from Antalya Airport. As it is a world famous tourist destination, Beldibi is a region with world class hotels that host hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Domestic and foreign tourists who prefer this holiday resort where sun and sand are intertwined prefer to provide transportation by private transfer for comfortable and luxurious transportation at the beginning and end of the holiday.

How do I get transportation between Beldibi Amara Premier Palace and Antalya Airport?

For your transportation from Beldibi Amara Premier Palace to Antalya Airport, you should consider the options of private transfer companies offering public transportation, commercial taxi and vip transportation. It is unlikely that you will travel with a suitcase in your hand by public transport. Public transportation is generally very tight due to the fact that Beldibi has heavy passenger traffic as a region. You will not want to endure all these torments with your family and suitcases. Let's take a look at the second option, taxi. Taxis are commercial vehicles that consist of passenger cars. Maximum 3 people can travel with passenger cars. If 4th person is traveling with you, you need to rent a second taxi. Such journeys will cost more than you think. A more comfortable journey awaits you in Amara Premier Palace Beldibi transfer vehicles compared to 1st and 2nd option. And without having to pay such high money.

What are the transportation costs between Antalya Airport and Amara Premier Palace Beldibi?

It is possible to reach Amara Premier Palace Beldibi from Antalya Airport by paying 3.41 euros per person by public transport, paying 50 euros or less by taxi, and prices starting from 30 euros by private vip transfer vehicles.

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Beldibi Hotels

It is possible to provide transportation with many vehicle options we offer for your transfer needs from Antalya Airport to Beldibi. We allow you to provide a comfortable driving experience at prices starts to 10 euros per person.